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Know Amazing Health Benefit Before Buying Fresh Green Banana Exporters India

Posted by Admin on September, 09, 2020

Banana is one of the freshest fruits we can eat these days; it is high in Iron and low in salt. Also, it contains a rich source of Potassium, high in fibre, and B vitamins. The fruit is in ample supply all year; they are inexpensive and a reliable source of Carbohydrates. Most people love eating sweet bananas that are fully ripened bananas and tend to shun those that appear rather green. Indeed, unripe fruit is 'healthier' than a ripe one is counterintuitive.

How to eat a fresh green banana?
Bananas may also be cut green in its unripe stage and are available at Fresh Green Banana Exporters India. Fresh green bananas are used in a variety of dishes; when cooked. People make a banana casserole, banana Coo-coo, banana pickled with Saltfish and many more. When ripe, the fruit is picked green and exported to various countries, where the valuable property is sold in Supermarkets, fruit and vegetable outlets alike.

Nutritional benefits of fresh green banana

Valuable fibre

Fibre is required in the diet to maintain the digestive system in a good state. A lack of fibre causes problems such as constipation and inconsistent bowel movements, or worse. Fibre-rich foods such as green leafy green veggies create optimal digestive health by assisting friendly gut bacteria. Some fruits are also high in fibre. One of these is the banana. Dietary fibre is equally as necessary, and unripe bananas are best for that because of the higher levels of digestive-resistant starch they contain.

Richness of starch
Amazingly, the nutritional content of bananas differs with levels of ripeness. In the unripe state, fresh green bananas contain more digestive-resistant starch, which is ideal for optimal gut health.

Digestive-resistant starches have low viscosity and consequently resist digestion in the small intestine. Instead, they ferment slowly in the colon.

The sugar content of fruits tends to imitate their nutrient content. The sweeter the fruit, the more vitamins and minerals are present in it. So, sweetness levels usually indicate fruit quality.

However, getting vitamins and minerals are not the sole reason to eat bananas. Fibre can be either soluble or insoluble, but for health, the fermenting ability of the thread is most important.

How does fresh green banana help in digestion?

Resistant starches are prebiotics, supplying healthy gut bacteria. The slow fermentation in the stomach means less gas is released. They also bulk up stools. Fresh green bananas help to maintain regular bowel movements as the digestive-resistant starches are indigestible present in it. They do not cause studs in blood sugar levels. Indeed, they assist in the improvement of insulin regulation, reducing the risk of insulin resistance.

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